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GALZ Alert 20 August 2012


police conducting survaillance of GALZ offices recently

Today at 1330 hours the Zimbabwe Republic Police came to the GALZ offices demanding entry. No members of staff were present at the time. No arrests have been made so far. The police have remained at the premises all afternoon and only produced a search warrant at 1830 hours.

Human rights lawyers have been present from 1530 hours and continue engaging with the police officers. At the time of this alert, the police are still searching the offices in the presence of our lawyers. So far, as at 2100hours, we have been informed that the police intend to confiscate some booklets, pamphlets and computers from the offices that they have accessed so far.

For more information, please contact
Patience Mandishona : + 263 772 444 584 Gilbert Kunyarimwe : + 263 776 400 605 Samuel Matsikure: + 263 772 210 836 or Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

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