GALZ ALERT- 6 June 2013

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Youth militia attempt to attack and ransack GALZ offices

At around 11 am on Thursday 6 June 2013, five unidentified men wielding hammers violently forced entry into the GALZ offices in Harare disrupting a meeting in progress.

One of the men disguised as a mentally challenged person, threatened the security personnel controlling the gate with a Hammer whilst a visitor was driving into the GALZ premises.

The men rounded up all staff and board members and locked them up in the Guard Room whilst they ransacked the offices collecting all personal property including cellphones, laptops and bags.

We commend the Police’s swift reaction as they arrived promptly at the scene and promptly arrested the men who are now in custody at Harare Central Police Station. A Galz board member is currently at Harare Central Police Station assisting the Police. All members present at the office were unharmed and one cellphone and some cash belonging to a board member is allegedly missing.

GALZ is not taking this incident as a random act of attempted robbery but that of deliberate attack by the youth militia, acting on the orders of someone superior. The men were constantly making communication with an individual addressed as “Machacha” of an unknown “security wing” over the phone.

We applaud the conduct of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in apprehending these men who were bent on creating a situation of lawlessness in Zimbabwe.

As a body that seeks to uphold and protect the rights of all human beings, GALZ condemns all acts of violence and theft and implore the Police to deal with all proponents of violence. ENDS//

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